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Default Re: To wax or not to wax????

Mike... I've been fly-fishing for about 39 years now. My first flyrod was fiberglass and had metal ferrules. We knew with the metal that you needed to assemble the rod with a straight insert, and to disassemble with a straight pull as well. Twisting the two sections could result in scoring the metal causing the rod to be "frozen" together at some point.

With the advent of graphite rods, there were and are no metal ferrules. However, when I purchased my first graphite, it would occasionally come apart on me during a forward cast. I thought I had it firmly sealed just like my old fiberglass rods. What a mess in fast water!

The answer came to me when I read an article by Lefty Kreh. He suggested that you start putting your rod sections together at a 90 degree angle from one another based on the position of the guides... then push the pieces together while twisting them to line up the guides. You may need to make a slight adjustment to get them fully aligned. When you are ready to break the rod down, twist it back in the same direction while pulling the pieces apart.

In addition, you should assemble, and disassemble the rod in the same manner each and every time, so remember which way you started and always do it the same way. Also, you want to apply a bit of tension when assembling, but be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, you might damage your ferrule connections, or get the rod stuck together far more than you want.

For a four-piece rod, I find it easier to assemble the top two, then bottom two sections (or vice-versa), then put them together at the center.

Hope this is helpful... any questions or something does not make sense, please post again.

Tight loops... Scott
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