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Default Re: fly fishing in Cosby area

Chris, there is a store (service station) just above the old entrance to the creek that has allowed people to park there if they were fishing Indian Camp Creek. You need to ask to do this! Also, there has been a new road cut back into the private propery that borders the Park, just above the store. I haven't been back on this road , so I don't know what you will find there or how friendly the natives are about using it. I had mentioned yesterday about car breakins in Cades Cove. The old parking area that gave access to Indian Camp Creek was notorious for breakins for a number of years. It was so bad that the NPS recommended not leaving anything valuable in your car if you parked in this area to fish or hike. That is why people began using the store. We'll just have to get more info about this area soon.
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Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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