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Default Re: Clinch River @ Peach Orchard--3/27

Thanks for the Clinch info. I am heading there Friday.

Regarding the fishing license increase, I e-mailed the commissioner (TWRC) asking the same question. His response is as follows:

The TWRA had not raised license fees in 15 years, so the dramatic increase has been a shock to all sportsmen. The easier license to raise is the nonresident, since the legislature must approve all increases and the resident population believes they should be more expensive.

The TWRA's sole revenue source for operations comes from the sale of licenses and the Federal matching dollars that come with it.

We will be analyzing the effect of all increases to see if some may need adjusting for a lack of sales. I will inquire about the trout only license. That seems to make sense, but I will have to check on it.

Thanks for your concern and the email.


Bill Cox
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