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Default Re: Sink tips for the smokeys?

On the sink tips. I use them, but only at specific times. Only in high water and more oftern in the winter. They are good for high water to help get a fly to the bottom, using a sink tip you avoid the fast water on top which tends to pull a strike indicator along and causes your fly to move faster than the water on the bottom.
You want a fast rod for a sink tip to give you the best control of the line (in the air) and to help get it out of the water. Sink tips work great for streamers and big nymphs! I fish my sink tip on a 6 wt and for these streams a teeny mini-tip seems to work pretty well.
I am about to decide to give up soccer, it is the soccer or my fishing, anymore I would rather fish. I may try to stick with indoor since I can play it on the week nights rather than Sundays.
tight lines,
I could send you some pictures of some big trout I have taken on a sink-tip rig. One this winter (feb 26th) was 25" and ~ 7-1/2 lb.
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