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Default Re: Elk River Access?

About 8 river miles below the dam is the Farris Creek Bridge access. Check your topo map for where Farris Creek Road crosses the Elk River. The first few hundred yards usually have some cooperative stockers after the truck dumps them from the bridge. Farther downstream the bigger holes have the larger fish. From this point downstream, the smallmouth/trout ratio starts increasing on the smallmouth side of the scale. If you can't find it on the map, send a PM and I'll send some directions from Lynchburg.

This water usually isn't as crowded as the dam, especially if you're willing to hike some. Most of the better water I've found is downstream and the largest TN trout I've caught so far was a 16" brown at the first bend to the left just before going out of site of the bridge.

- halieus

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