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Default Re: Clinch Float Trip

I've floated the Clinch in paddle powered canoes with the water off and the other poster is right... it is a looong day from the peach orchard to Clinton Bridge, but it can be rewarding. *There are several calm stretches, however, that the motor will help you with, especially if the wind is blowing upstream (it always is). *Once the water comes up, you can move along at a pretty brisk clip, but you are at the mercy of the schedulers at TVA.

With one generator running, a small aluminum boat can be used, but you may have to lift the engine in spots and wading spots are pretty rare as I recall. *With two running, well, you need the first 5 horsepower just to match the current. *

I'm sure you know, but in Tennessee, ANY powered boat (electric or gas, regardless of size) must be registered. *Your post was a couple of months ago, but if you haven't, make sure you have the boat registered before the TWRA shows up in numbers as the traffic picks up.
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