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Default Re: Got Soft hackle?

This is a great topic. I love fishing soft hackle flies. I have used them with good success from #10 or #12 on down to the smaller sizes. I often fish them in the Smokies just like a normal nymph pattern, often tandem with a GRHE or Prince. I have also fished them with the traditional downstream swing and have done well. Earlier this spring on Abrams comes to mind. I had fished for a few hours without much luck, only a couple small fish to hand. I was about to leave when I decided to try one last riffle. I tied on a softhackle and the fish started nailing it on the swing and even as I was stripping it back up. I brought several fish to hand in just a few minutes on the pattern. Last summer, I had some really good luck using larger softhackles to imitate the ISO nypmhs on Little River. I generally fished them deep with split shot "highstick" style and caught some of my larger fish of the year that way. Soft hackles are definately a lot of fun to fish and the fish love 'em so I will keep tying them onto my line8-)!!!

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