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On Chestpacks; I have used one for 10 years now, love'em! I have been through several at this point and settled on a Wood River pack, they may be oob by now though, their packs are well made but not as high tech as the current offerings. I have stayed away from the newer ones because they have zippers, they get alot of stress and wear out, are generally a pain in my opinion. I take it all (with me) with the exception of fly boxes, I swap out the mountain boxes for the tailwater boxes. If I try to carry just what I need (besides the boxes) I end up on the water wishing I had something! The Woodriver is a flip-top, holds two big bug boxes, two small, another comp for the leader wallet, has four tippet pockets (I usually carry 6 or 7 tippets! 2x - 7 x), another compartment for my indicator and lead box and fishing license, the last pocket on the bottom for my leader wallet. It comes with chest harness and hooks to hang on the side of canoe or drift boat. It all closes with a simple tip flap and velcro. The top flap keeps averything dry in the rain. I attached a Simms retractor to it (most durable) for nippers.
I am babbling, but the bottom line is that everything is in one place, not in a bunch of pockets with a zipper on each one! The only time it gets wet is when I fall in, which happens more than I care to admit!
Anyway that my 2 cents worth!
Tight lines!
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