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Default Re: North Carolina Trout Streams

Helton was a good little drive from Boone, and when we got there, my wife "had to go", and it was so open and so crowded that we had to make the run all the way back to that closest town. After that, i was too frustrated to drive all the way back. I guess I was just expecting too much. I was told the fishing was better as you went further north, but having the Nan(both dh and upper and lower sections) and the park as my homewaters( in nc anyway), I found the streams to be few and far between......but maybe it was just me. Everyone kept telling me I could just stop and fish the creeks in the folks' front yards, but I just didn't feel right...( although I did see soem nice rainbows rising( yes, rising) in someone's front yard! )

I wish I had had the chance to fish Helton instead of just looking at it! LOL
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