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Default Re: Got Soft hackle?

Applachacian Angler wrote:[Most of the takes were probably somewhere in the middle of the water column. I don't know what you call the method...Flymphing]. Actually, the method is called the Leisenring Lift as described by James Leisenring and Pete Hidy in their book "The Art of Tying the Wet Fly".
Like of all of you I also love fishing softhackles (hence my screen name). Softhackles have worked very well for me in the driftless area of SW Wisconsin. Last year I tried softhackles for the first time on the West Prong of the Little River. It ended up saving an otherwise very slow day.
Unfortunately, living in the Chicago area I don't get that much of a chance to fish the Smokies but, swinging softhackles on the streams inside the park is definitely something that I want to do again.
Just out of curiosity what your favorite softhackle patterns to use inside the park?
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