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Default Re: What the heck is a Yellow Sally?

Byron and Russ,

Since I have EHC in yellow already tied and a few yellow stimulators it seems to make the most sense to wait until I get back down to LRO from here in Indiana. I can purchase a few for the time I am there and pick up what materials I need. It will give me good reason to tie them up to justify another trip to the Smokies. When I was searching yesterday I did notice one pattern with the hackle cut off the bottom of the fly. I need all the floatation help I can get in those streams and I like the very visible wing.

We were down fishing 2 weeks ago and I check the fishing report every day. Now I am ready to make the drive back for a few days again. Once I get Pigeon Forge in the rear view mirror it is one of the most relaxing places I have ever been. My wife spends her time in PF and I get to go to the river. I guess her loss is my gain.

gary <*))))><
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