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Default Re: Illegal fishing in park

These post remind me of an incident I had in Michigan a few ago. I had just landed and released a Steelhead on the St. Joseph river. When I stood up and turned around a Michigan CO was watching the whole thing from just a few feet away. I said to him that I supposed he would like to see my license. He said "no" and I suppose some unknown inner part of me needed to prove I was legal. I asked him if the fact I was a non-resident would warrant him seeing the license. His next words may not be exact but they are darn close, "it's not you guys with the expensive rods and in the waders I am watching, it's the guys in sneakers and jeans running up and down the bank I look for". Not to imply that everyone in jeans and sneakers is a law breaker but my guess is he has learned from experience who to keep an eye on.

I have never been checked in the park either and I guess that same inner part of me would like to be just to prove I am legal. A couple weeks ago we saw 2 rangers driving as we walked along the rod and neither bothered to stop. They probably know the same thing the guy in Michigan knows.

If I saw someone breaking the law I might casually let them know. I suppose it might depend on the circumstances. Maybe the phone call is the best solution. I'm sure funding for law enforcement is a problem everywhere.

gary <*))))><
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