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Default Re: Illegal fishing in park

I guess I was a VICTIM OF PROFILING mentioned in my previous post. "Panther Martin Pam" my better 1/2 was original stopped on the hill before the Ranger came down. She is a HOOT to look at when she is fishing. Spin Cast reel, old hiking shoes for wading shoes. She must have sent red flags all over the park.(:>) Actually, She can toss a fly fairly accurately, I've tried to buy her new wading shoes, vest and other gear. I've tried to enroll her in a fly fishing school. Fly fishing isn't her thing. LOOKS CAN BE VERY DECIEVING. Last summer, near Yellowstone with 4 of us fishing she took the 2 largest fish (20+ inch bow's in the back country, released them with TLC, didn't even take them out of the water.) I have have to make her spinners- all single hook barbless- anywhere she fishes. Every fish caught is handled TLC , released with hemostat , stays in the water-even the small stunted crappies on Lake Carnico were we live. * *

Kytroutman- a bottle of bleach works better than worms to get ALL YOUR FISH on Rock Creek. Good advice there is don't even think about being confrontational with those boys.
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