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Default Re: Road Prong Report

Hey Hans,

Glad you were able to try the Road Prong out on the 15th, better than messin with the IRS on deadline day I am getting anxious to head that way and try out the 9' 3 wt that I finished building a little over a week ago. Working on a 7' 6" 4 weight that I may end up givinf to my brother when I get back to Ohio. I have decided to camp at Greebriar Island Campground. I wanted to try a different spot, and it will give me good access to not onlt the Greenbriar, but the W. Prong and the Little River as well. Hope your having a good Easter. Hopefully, the stream temeperatures will be up a few degrees in the headwater streams so we can catch some brookies and wild bows. TTYL

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