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I have always found that if I have empty space I will find something that I can fill it with...nature abhors a vacuum. *When I only going to be out for a short trip I have found a fishing shirt with a couple of chest buttoned pockets is all I need or even try one of lanyards that are on the market. *For longer trips I have gone to an LLBean chest pack that I use as a fanny pack. *I like this one since it has enough room for a sandwich and a bottle of water with plenty of room left over. *Vests are just too hot in the summer walking in to the backcountry.
I use that same chest pack, and now I'm on the hunt for something better. My main gripe was that it stuck out so far that the line would often catch on it. But I think I may well have found a better one from Fish Pond. Never heard of it before till I was in the Little River store. The best chest I've ever seen was in the Durangler's shop in Durango CO. This was only about half the size of the L.L. Bean one, and made from Canvas or Cordura. Opened up in layers. But have never seen one since.
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