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It is my understanding that what you do depends on the type Bear.
With Black Bears you try to look as big as possible and and make lots
noise, throw rocks etc. That is if you are attacked. Don't run, it triggers
the natural instinct to pursue. With the Grizzly Bear they say to play dead.
Again they say don't run try to back out.
well I've met Ole' Griz twice, and it's just not fun! Never ever make eye contact with the bear. Never try to run, and the fetal position may be your best bet. I always carry a couple cans of pepper spray (make sure it's oil based). With black bears you act just the oposite. Be aggressive, and make a lot of noise. Wave your arms. Myself I worry more about wild boars than the bears.
I've always wondered if pepper spray will work on a black bear; anybody know?
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