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Default Re: Yellowstone Trip

Well Hawgdaddy, It seems like you have looked at a lot of streams. Just some things to consider.
1 Take a BIG canister of bear spray
2 Wear bear bells, I have for 13 years and have never encountered a bear onthe trail
3 Take some good binoculars and spotting scope because there is a wolf pack near Slought Creek that is worth watching.
4 Trout lake is best fished from a belly boat.
5 It is always windy so take a good long rod to fight the wind
6 the Slough Crek campground area has misquitos that can carry you away from your family. Take plenty of bug repellant
7 If you go during a new moon you will find out what they really mean with the name "Milkey Way" a full moon blots out the stars.
Since I have been there 13 years in a row I can attest that it is worth the trip

I will be there the last two weeks in July and am staying at Roosevelt

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