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Default Re: Yellowstone Trip

I'LL DOUBLE DITTO EVERYTHING TOM W SAID!! Expect to pay big bucks for gas but It'll be worth it. I hope the price of gas is decent July and Aug of 07.

A couple suggestions from my experiences:
TAKE IT EASY, enjoy the Wolves, look for the groups with spotting scopes in the Lamarr Valley. The spotting scope folks are really very glad to share. You might get to see that Grizzly at the correct distance.(:>) Moose and Buffalo can be bad a#$ characters also respect them.

Buy your bear bells at a tack shop before you go. You'll want several and they charge $5or + for ONE BELL *out there.

This area WILL wear you out faster than you realize even if you don't get into the higher Beartooths. Play with a camera. Take an afternoon and sit around and tie flies, take a short nap. Check out all the fly shops in West Yellowstone. You'll enjoy it more. My first several times out there I tried fishing 24/7. And was exhausted for days.
Drink plenty of water then DRINK MORE. Take an Ibupropen in the morning and at noon. *
Bass Pro sells a camp hot shower that we use for about $100. VERY WELL worth it cost!!!!!!!! You'll use it nightly- the dust is awlful
Buy a bug suit if you venture near a lake or into the Beartooth. Mosquitos can be worse than you imagine
Carry a rain ponch warm clothes at all times. If you hear thunder, plan on it with LARGE HAIL hitting you. the greater Yellowstone is the only place I've been where the storms are worse than the FLA. Keys. I've saw the temp drop 20-30 degrees with hail three inches deep on the roads last Aug. & years ago, I got caught in a 4-5 inch snow storm on August 1st.

If you need a national forest campground: Hunter Peak few mosquitos but very polular, Crazy Creek and Fox Creek are good camp sites in the National Forest. Lake Creek is one heck of a mosquito hole. If you go to a NF campsite, get there in the AM usually fill up about 3 pm.

Check the road situation around Cooke City as they were doing major road construction- 45 minute delays and had closed Fox Creek Campground last August. Also they were doing major construction near (or in ??) the park last summer access to some parts of the park was hard or a lot longer.

Clarks Fork of the Yellowstone has lots of small fish. Crandall Creek on the Chief Joesph Hwy will TOP ANY AND ALL FISHING you might find in the park if the level is good. I can put you onto all the 10-12 inch Brookies you want on a high mountain lake 1/2 hour from Cooke City if you wish. Email me before Friday night (I've GOT TO GO TO THE KEYS )if you want info on some OUTSIDE OF PARK HIGH QUALITY LOW COMPETITION *as a back up. Apologies to all I might offend but I DON'T FISH THE PARK any more than 1 afternoon out of 2-3 weeks camping out there. TOO CROWDED.

EAT ANY AND ALL BROOKIES YOU LEGALLY CATCH!!! Wyo allows a very large number of under 8inches plus your legal limit over 8. THEY TASTE GREAT FOR BREAKFAST!! This isn't the Smokies, they want them removed.

FOLLOW BEAR PROTOCOLS CLOSELY!!!! Carry the bear spray. When you come across bear dropping with the berries still moist as I have, you'll be glad you have it. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS !! I' VE read too much erroneous stuff on and other bulletin boards about it.

Leave your 4wt or less home- use a wt forward.
The PMD duns have a touch of green on their bodies.

I'm envious- summer of 07 is to far away
Tight lines
Randy Sale
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