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They just had a show about this on discovery channel the other night. The big cans of pepper spray definitely aggrevated the bear into leaving.

Don't drop your pack and run!!! The pack on your back could save you from being torn to shreds. The myth has been the bear will be more interested in the pack when you drop and run. NEGATIVE!! If the bear gets a hold of you laying face down the pack can absorb some of the attack.

The fight or flight choice definitely depends on the bear, and most attacks come from suprising a bear. So when walking through the woods make noise most bears will move on when they hear humans.

This is one of the most important facts that I got, if you encounter a bear at night!! FIGHT!!! Does not matter which kind they are out feeding and you look good for dinner. All you can do is fight!!

Carry the big bottles of pepper spray!!
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