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I have a pair of the LL Bean wading boots built on their hiking boot frame with the AquaStealth rubber soles. They provide excellent support, grab snot rocks about as well as felt, and don't pick up snow or mud like felt.

They worked so well, I ordered the kit to add the AquaStealth soles to my old pair of Weinbrenner's Gary Borger boots to keep as a spare. I took them to a local shoe repair shop and he replaced the felt with the AquaStealth rubber and stitched it on along with the glue. I told him I might be sending him some more business from other fly fishers and he said don't bother - it was the last pair he would ever do. The rubber is some kind of sticky composite that kept clogging up his grinding wheel when he was grinding the edges to fit. (it comes as a rectangle piece of material that can be cut to fit) He said it stunk up the shop so bad he had to open the doors and windows even though it was freezing outside. He wasn't sure what the material was, but he was sure he wasn't going to do that again... If you decide to resole with the kit, better find a willing shoe repair shop or be prepared to tackle it yourself.

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