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Default Re: fishing after a rain

Unless the creek is up more than a foot (and they rarely stay more than a foot high for more than a day) I like the fishng in high water as well. fish big heavy bugs, and often without an indicator. Look for a big (6,8,10) golden/brown stone with multi-beads or tungsten head and lead wrap. It is also a good time to fish a heavy streamer (cone head muddler, or black helgramite with lead dumbell eyes. Often times I will throw above the break of a riffle so that the fly/streamer will get below the faster flow on top and be on the slower flow and drawn down, the fish often hold on the bottom in high fast water. You might want to fish the outside of tailouts and edges because sometimes the browns will move to the banks to get out of the water and eat the terrestials and stones crawling to the bank. Big fish in high water! High clear water use stuff with more neutral or natural colors, in stained water use the black or black- white combinations, maybe even all in low light.
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