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Howdy PA,

Mine are relatively new, only used them for one trip so far and they really don't show any wear yet. The soles appear to be very durable and cost is $20.00 or $30.00 dollars.

One factor on the plus side concerning wear is that the felt wil last much longer if you use the rubber hiking soles for hiking in to streams. In other words rather than hiking several mile on felt, you can use their hiking soles ans swap them out for felt at streamside. No I also realize some folks will wear a different pair of shoes or boots for hiking then switch to their wading boots at streamside, but thm you have an extra pair of shoes or boots to hide or carry around.

Yet another thought is that you can use the felt soles with lugs for extremely slick areas and exchange the studded felt for plain felt for driftboat fishing so the lugs won't mess up the boat.

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