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Default where does gatlinburg waters start?

I am coming up this weekend and bringing a novice spinfisher and his 2 children. I was thinking about sending them below the bypass bridge below the childrens stream. Does anyone know it that is park water or Gatlinburg. I would hate for them to get a ticket for being in Gatlinburg water with out a lincense Gatlinburg lincense.
My son and I are going to head to the park I posted the other week about easy acess points sence I will be disobeying the doctor with a healing broken foot I just have to fly fish or I will go nuts. I recieved some great responses to my other post. Thanks. But, I was also considering the paved path at the old suraglands trail, and also the Gatlnburg trail. I know I will be dealing with at lot of people. but I have seen very few people fishing either area. Has anyone fished these?
see ya all at lro sat.
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