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Have to second the Korkers - I just got a pair last month and they are a working out nicely...very comfortable and great ankle support. I've been using Chota's STL for the last few years and while they are amazingly comfortable, the ankle support could stand some reinforcement, but the real issue is that I had them tore up the first six months I had them. Daniel helped me out with a replacement pair - but the new pair didn't last much longer after that so I decided to wear them into the ground to when I couldn't stand it any more (gotta get my moneys worth) and finally broke down and grabbed the Korkers. The selling point for me these is that the soles are easy to replace. The metal D-ring loops for the laces adds durablility, and with getting the different sole options - I have different shoes with out the cost.
We'll see how long these lasts!

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