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Default Re: Best Tailwater Fishery

IMO, the Hiwassee shouldn't even be on that list. Unless you are talking multi-species. I'm more interested in the striper in that river than the weak little stockers that they eat and that skate on the surface when you bring them in. That tailwater has sustained temps well above 70 degees in August, September, and October. Making it a marginal trout fishery. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy fishing it for it's beauty but it also has the most traffic. I've actually had people run into my anchored drifter before . Unless a brown or rainbow starts eating warpaints and finds a good cool spring to hang out in around the summer/fall, they have no chance to grow big on the weak biomass in the river. It sure is hyped by certain outfitters, though. I've caught bigger and better quality trout on all the other tailwaters mentioned. On the other hand, I think its a great warmwater fishery and worth exploring for those species. If you don't mind catching little stockers on dries then you will enjoy fishing it. Me, I'd rather have a shot at a 30" wild brown on the South Holston. With a dry! They are there and they will come up.
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