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I'm not saying this would help the local economy at all, but I've often thought (usually while searching for a place far enough up stream in which to fish) that the state Legislature should call for an expensive but mandatory 3-week safety course for a license to "tube" inside the park; tubing and lawn chair sitting in the middle of a stream. What is that phenomenon, anyway?

"I've got a lawn chair and a cooler and I know just the stream I'm going to occupy for the weekend"

I say these horrible things "tongue n' cheek," of course, and understand that the park should be enjoyed by all walks of humanity, *but in my own selfish manner, I pretend to justify the tubing license this way: We now pay $46 annually for the priviledge to engage in a harmless outdoor activity called catch and release fishing....So, one license for a harmless outdoor activity deserves another, then again, how much of the park's resources are spent rescuing Fly fishers from the park each year?

Knoxville News Sentinel
July 10, 2005

Bob Miller, spokesman for Great Smoky Mountains National Park, said the park rescues a fair number of tubers a year, and that foot injuries are the most common type.

"Tubing has the potential to take someone from knee-deep water to 20 feet of water in only a few feet," Miller said. "Like any form of water recreation, it comes with its own hazards."

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