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Default Re: Is it just me

I certainly didn't want my first post to be about this. *But, I just couldn't keep my mouth shut (fingers still). *Maybe, the tubers and lawn chair sitters outnumber fly fisherman, and we're interfering with their activities. *The park was created as a multi-purpose vacation spot. *Public land is for the use of the public and I don't want someone telling me what I can and cannot do on it, within reason. *I fish and hunt almost exclusivelly on public land. *Not that I don't have access to good private land. *I just choose to hunt and fish on the public land because it is there for my use. *When people quit using it, they will parcel it up, and sell it. *People that do not fish, don't always know what is considerate and what is not, just smile at them and move on.

Maybe I've spent too much time in a bassboat this spring,
however, that's my 2 cents worth wether you wanted to hear it or not.
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