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A side note, one cannot help but notice the new growth of algae or what ever that stuff that has taken over the whole stream bed around Millers...a light tan growth that is thick and covers everything with a wool like texture. *Last time I saw this water it was green and dark, now its an odd shade of brown. *Hope this is not a cause and effect of the fishing....I turned over seveal rocks and did not see the quanity of scuds and blackfly larvae as used to be everpresent there... anyone with some insight

I was up there today, and it looks like the tan stuff is just dead moss that is decaying. *Whereever there was a big clump of the tan, there was new moss growing. *It may be more spread out from breaking lose and lodging on rocks. *This is just a guess from my observation... I didn't do any DNA testing or anything. *
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