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Buzz saw,

You've obviously never had a jet skier get tangled-up in your Carolina rig . Also, your post may not have been aimed directly at mine, but my fingers went ahead and returned fire, anyway, just for the purpose of healthy debate

I say these horrible things "tongue n' cheek," of course, and understand that the park should be enjoyed by all walks of humanity...
  • I wrote that into my previous posting to emphasize humor .
  • "National Park Status" means no one will ever "parcel it up" ever, for any reason; "National Forest status" denotes less regulations.
  • Unfortunately, Over the last 230 years or so, a great number of state, local and federal officials have already outlined (in detail) what you can and cannot do on public and private land.
  • Perhaps motorists out-number bicyclist, and the bicyclist are infringing on the motorist's activities.
  • Much of the the GSMNP is categorized as a Rain Forest and was created as a Nature Preserve.
  • At least 98.5% of the population has a basic understanding of fishing; its the word, "considerate" they have trouble with.
  • Yes, this is what I do with my Friday nights

Fish on!
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