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Default Re: Upper East Tennessee

I haven't made it to the watauga, but the SoHo is great year round...can't go wrong with a staple of pheasent tails #14-20, grey scuds, midge patterns like brassies, zebras, and standard grey and olive bodied... caddis....don't really know how much dry action is going on right now, but with the sulphur season nearing would be good to have some dries and emergers, throw in some BWO as fly larvae, emergers, and dries are about as common as the midges and are often confused with them when the fish are feeding top water on an "invisible hatch" - I have a buddy who likes uses a tiny griffiths gnat during the in the film takes when blackflies are coming off...
Just a small list, am sure there are others with a better set up....
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