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Thanks, for the reply. You were correct that my first post wasn't directed at you. You were also correct that I have never had a jet skier get tangle up in my line. However, I've had my marker bouys stolen by jet skiers, twice, on 2 different lakes. I have no idea what jet skiers would want with them. I'm glad you did the research that I was unwilling to do on my first post. What got to me was the fact that about everyone that posted was complaining about the activities that I have done and probably will continue to do.

Yes, I have:

* tubed in the park

* sat in a chair, in the river, drinking refreshments, listening to Jimmie Buffet, in the park

* jumped off a bridge into the river, in the park

I guess the first step to any addiction is admitting that you have a problem.

To be honest with you, these are the reasons I go to the park anymore. The place is just too darn crowded. If I want to get away from it all and do some solitary fishing, I go to Cherokee (not the stocked sections, unless I'm looking for dinner). I'm sure there are trout at some of the places I've fished that have never seen a fly. The only time I fish in the park is when my girlfriend wants to fly fish in the evening after work.

I guess what irked me with the start of this discussion is that there are 700+ miles of streams in the Park. If each miles has approximately 50 fishable pools. That is 35,000+ places for a person to fish. There are approximately 5 bridges in the park with water deep enough to jump into. That meens that for every 1 bridge worth jumping off, there are 7,000 places for a person to fish. Maybe we should be more considerate to the others using the Park. * NOTE, There was no research to any of the numbers used in this paragraph, they are an estimate off the top of my head, however I consider them to be conservative.

I know that bridge jumping is illegal in the park, but so is speeding, and I haven't seen anyone complain about that on this board. Maybe I will after I post this.
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