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Hey fellas,

I've led him out into the open; now let him have it....a confessed Tuber/ Lawn-chair sitter

But seriously folks, I can admit my gripes are of selfish nature; it seems everyone fights over the easiest road-accesible waters; especially during the summer months. I agree with the earlier post that concluded, we just have to "laugh it off" at times.

My "laugh it off" moment came when my wife and I rented a cabin on the Little River, one summer, I tried several mornings to be the first one on the water; thinking if I just got up-early enough, I could get in at least an hour maybe even 2 hours of fishing. After my first attempt I should have stopped trying, but each morning, around 7:00 am (usually by my 7th cast), I'd spy a flourescent orange floater-craft headed in my direction with the occupant always saying something like: " Caught anything yet? Man, I saw some big ones back up there by that rock..."

That guy (and his friends) actually thought they were helping me with a valuable, first-hand fishing report; which I kindly thanked them for, then asked if he'd seen the nest of Copperheads down stream. Kidding... since that trip (long-ago) I've learned to seek out some of the other 700 miles of fishable water and to fish the vehicle-accessible portions of the Little River only when the water is cold; As someone mentioned, summer weekdays usually aren't overly crowded, either...

Fish On!

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