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I only get to do this once a year here and once a year in Michigan so I cherish my time spent on the water. I consider it special.
Maybe you should consider a guide next time. I know I would if I only fished a couple of times a year :-/. My take is that you don't know much about East Tennessee. A guide could take you places that you would enjoy and maybe have a little solitude to boot. Come fish in February and see how much competition you have. And another thing, there are LOTS of places to fish in East Tennessee other than the Smokies. I like the Smokies too, but when it's super crowded I avoid it or go places that are hard to get to. Plan you trips here accordingly. That is what a good guide or outfitter does.

I'm sure there are trout at some of the places I've fished that have never seen a fly.
Are you serious? :-? As far as the swimming and lounging in a particular river goes, I say more power to 'em. But courtesy goes both ways. An uncourteous angler would be one that barged in on a group of people swimming and casting a 1/0 wiggle minnow amongst them. Wouldn't ya say?
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