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Default Re: This Saturday, 4/29/06


The water was a little high, but not too bad. Unfortunately I decided to show how much of a man I am and leave the waders in SC and wet wade. Needless to say I only fished for about 2 1/2 hours until I could not longer feel anything from the knee down. As for the fishing, caught 2 browns and 1 bow at Metcalf. All were in the 7-8" range. Saw 2 fish rise and that was it. Unfortunately I drove farther up around Elkmont and all my favorite spots had people in them fishing. It was just nice to get a\out for a few hours and not get skunked. I've been doing this for about 4 years, I have never had a big day on LR in terms of numbers, but I can usually catch a few and enjoy what an amazing place GSMNP and LR are. Also, I fished a 2 nymph righ and all fish to the #10 BH Prince.

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