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I'll challenge anyone on fishing "intrusions". A couple of years ago, I was in the middle of the Hiwassee at low water when I was stunned to confront the Hovercraft Club of Atlanta. These machines used unmuffled aircraft engines to lift them on a cushion of air. After one almost ran over me, I lost it, and began throwing rocks, thank God I dont carry a gun. I was within a mile of the Powerhouse!! At any rate, the local police, county, state and Fed. met these idiots at the take out. It is illegal to use any type of engine on a scenic river. As I have aged, I find it much easier to simply move on when confonted by these intrusions. A few years ago, if someone was in the water I planned to fish it would ruin my day, now I see it as an opportunity to explore new water. Days on the water are too important to let someone else ruin them.
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