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Maybe you should consider a guide next time. I know I would if I only fished a couple of times a year . My take is that you don't know much about East Tennessee. A guide could take you places that you would enjoy and maybe have a little solitude to boot.
Actually I have been coming to the Park for more than 30 years. The first 20 spent hiking(including a small section of the AT) and camping, and the last 10 spent fishing. I have also spent some wonderful days fishing outside the Park on the Clinch and Holston in TN and the Davidison, North Mill and South Toe in NC. I guess I come to Townsend now because it is close to the water. I can leave my motel room and be on some beautiful water in 15-20 minutes. I know that leaves me open to meeting other people along the river and that is fine, the Park belongs to everybody. It is just the really stupid stuff like kids repeatedly jumping off a bridge 20 feet from me or a mother throwing her kid in the water at my feet that I don't handle too well. I went aways above Tremont a couple of days while I was down this year and had a pretty quiet time.

As for hiring a guide, I suppose a guide could show me some waters I might not normally go to, but my objective is to get away from people and a guide kind of defeats that purpose. I work surrounded by people 5-6 days/wk for 8-10hrs/day, when I come to the Park I really do, to quote a famous actress "want to be alone" So I will continue to make my yearly pilgrimage to the Park each Spring, deal with what come up and ocassionally come on the forum to vent if that is all right.
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