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Default Re: Close Call on the Middle Prong

UTK, *Welcome to the board and site. *I'm glad you are OK. *20 some odd years ago I had to swim in my waders in the Caney Fork and almost drowned. *One of our customers came in the store a few years ago with a similar story. *His foot was caught in the rocks and the current beat his body against the rocks. *He was OK but he looked like he had been beat up with bruises all over his face and arms. *These rivers here in the park or anywhere are worse than they look during high water events. *Also, last year Paula and I were with a guide in a boat in Manistee, Michigan. *A man in waders was drowning. *We got to him in time and as he held on to our boat we dragged him to shore. *He stood up in the shallow water and thanked us so we went on our business of fishing. *A minute or so later he had fallen in again. *We went back and pulled him to shore. *This poor fellow didn't have on a wading belt. *Our guide scolded him for not having one. *We ran into him later and he pointed out that he then had a wading belt. *That's one thing you should always have on. *Thanks for sharing your experience. *You may save someone's life.

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