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Default Re: Best Tailwater Fishery

Looks like I'm with most of you out there and vote for the SOHO. Nothing like being out there during the sulphur hatch and having one of those big noses break the surface and slurp down one of those imitations I spent all winter tying up. I have yet to get one of those 30 inchers, but SOHO was the place I broke the "twenty inch barrier" for both browns and rainbows. BUT, there is a special place in my heart for the Hiwassee.

It was the first place I ever fly fished for trout. Actually it was the first place I ever cast a freshwater fly. It was the middle of April at the Big Bend area, no wind, around 70 degrees, and sunny. Not much in the way of hatches when I was there that day, but I did manage to drag 20 or so rainbows to hand by fishing nymphs.

That got me started in fly fishing. It also spoiled me a bit! I probably haven't had too many days on the Big H as good as that one. So, for that experience, I give her a second.

I've fished the Clinch more than either the SOHO or the Hiwassee (mainly due to proximity), I have had great days there too, but I definetly have a love/hate relationship with that piece of water.

I guess we all have our own different experieces on these waters and they mean different things to each of us. Good Poll!
Charles M.
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