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Default Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26


I'm not one to direct you to brookie fishing as I have never done it in the park. The east prong of the little river is tough to beat in my opinion. However, the staff at LRO will be able to put you on some more remote water if thats what you want. My experience in the park is that its hard for me to go wrong if I tie on a #14 Parachute adams and drop a BH Prince or Pheasant tail off it, or simply fish a BH Prince or Pheasant tail on the bottom. There is always other things that work, but it seems I can always catch a few with the "keep it simple" method. I'm just partial to the east prong b/c I love catching the browns in it. However, you can't go wrong in the park, it's just an awesome place to fish. Enjoy your trip.

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