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That's funny, man (I say that shaking my head of course.) I think that would be enough to give any of us a coronary thrombosis. You did good by just throwing rocks .

Nothing wrong with solitude, mister. Just throwing a few ideas out at ya. I agree that it was very rude of the people you have had trouble with but it's just part of the Smokies. As I understand it, the GSMNP is within 500 miles of half this countries population. Or, one third. A big number of people none-the-less. Winter in the Smokies is my favorite time to fish. A lot less fish but you won't see many people either, you'll probably be free of any splashing kids too. From what I've read, it seems you'd rather have solitude than a high fish count.

and ocassionally come on the forum to vent if that is all right.
Sure! As long as we are free to post our opinions as well. My post wasn't meant as a lambaste or anything.
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