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Default Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26


The brook trout stream like Road Prong and Walker Camp Prong are fishing well. You might want to try Meigs Creek. I agree with ScFlyFisher's fly selection. I might add a #16 Yellow Stimulator.

About the snakes. I live in the Smokies. I'm not afraid of snakes so I never see them. I don't climb up the rock retaining walls that you find on some of these streams. I've heard of people getting bit while doing that. I've seen a lot more bears and coyotes than poisonous snakes while fishing or hiking. Also, it's kind of a tradition here in the mountains to end your fishing conversation about your favorite area with some sort of comment about it being snake infested. That's usually tongue in cheek.

I might be stepping on rattlesnakes and not know it. I just don't look for them. What scares me is a yellowjacket nest in the fall.

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