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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Hi Charles,
Sorry I just figured.......... ! Snowbird is just this side of Robbinsville. If you follow 129 to 143 (Massey Branch Rd), turn right then follow the Snowbird road signs you cant miss it! Really not too much info about honey holes. I think the creek fishes about as good top to bottom, there are about 12 miles of mostly public access on the creek. For that matter the backcountry section adds another ~ 7 miles. Look for Robbinsville and Snowbird Mountain on the Gazetteer. I mostly fish above Robinson's Grocery, go past Robinson's, make the 180 to follow Snowbird. (if you go straight you will find yourself on Dick's Branch road. You will pass a little cattle farm and you can pull over there at a small utilties bldg, or you can continue on up toward the backcountry (another mile) you will turn right to cross a small bridge after crossing the first bridge over the creek. From here it is 6 miles to the backcountry.
If you want to fish for brookies (wild exclusively) you will need to hike about 3.5 miles minimum. Snowbird is about the largest wild brookie stream in the Southern Appalachians. I could go on and on.
Lots of fishing opportintiies! Not a delayed harvest stream though! You never know when a 15" fish will smack your fly, maybe larger! Winter is the time for the big fish though, they run out of Santeelah Lake....... Steelhead, most in the 16-19" range some larger though. I can forward pics to your email, don't know how to list them on this site.
Hope that helps, other questions; don't hesitate to ask.
Tight lines, That is funny that the NC license (out of state) is cheaper than TN in state!
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