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Default Re: Tippet Size vs. Fish Production

Good advice from all you guys. It's always fun to hear what other people do with their setup. b/c we all tend to have our own individual way we like to do it. I fished with an LRO guide a few years ago and he tied on 3x mono tippet with about a size 10 prince nymph and had me catching fish on little river. The water was up a little, but not bad at all. I was shocked when I saw him put this on my line, b/c I thought I would never catch fish there with anything bigger than 5x. Now, I wouldn't do this with the super low/clear water in fall and summer, but it really made me realize that I was putting more emphasis on the size of my tippet than quality of my drift. It's amazing what size tippet you can get away with on a good drift, and its nice having the comfort of 3x if you happen to hook something big which is a possibility everyday on little river. I still tend to use 5x on dries and 5x flouro for a dropper in normal water. Another intersting story, One day I was fishing slick water on the Davidson in NC, water that everyone says you have to use 7x or 8x to catch any fish. Last summer I tied on a #6 chernobyl with 3x mono. Made a good drift and a 18" brown that only eats on 7/8x came up in slick water, investigated it for 2-3 seconds and ate it. This is the biggest wild fish I have ever landed and it came on 3x in a place where everyone says you need 7/8x and #24-28 midges. Focus on a good drift b/c that will give it away long before the tippet will.

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