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Default Re: orvis rods anyone please?


I've been looking into your experience with this board. *I'm sorry you have had problems. *We are happy for people to talk about Orvis. *We sell Orvis products. *We haven't banned anyone unless they spam our site. *We have to ban people every day and delete their posts. *We have no record of banning Samantha31 or the two IP addresses that you used to post under your current handle. *Your account Samantha31 doesn't show up in our system only the one post which we didn't remove. *The e-mail address you used on your second registration doesn't show up on the banned list. There is one banned e-mail address from your service provider. *Maybe when you registered the first time you accidently gave that e-mail address. *Maybe we typed in a banned e-mail address wrong and it was yours. I don't know because I don't know which e-mail address you used to register Samantha31. *All I know is we didn't ban you from the board. * *It looks like everything is working fine for you under your second registration so I would just use it. *


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