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Default Re: Hubbard's Yellowstone Lodge


I have been to Hubbard's twice. *It is beautiful and it is in a great location! *The accomodations are very nice and the food is great! *Both times I went was the end of July and the beginning of August.

Merrell Lake: *a stocked lake on their property. *They have drift boats you can take out on your own or with a guide. *I fished it and had great success...a fun diversion.

Yellowstone River float: *awesome! *At that time of the year, you are drifting in a boat and casting hoppers right on the bank. *Huge fish! *I highly recommend this float. *Did it twice in different areas; both were amazing!

Ram's Horn Lake: *incredible! *It is a horseback ride in....and quite an elevation change! *It is a pristine alpine lake with native cutthroat! *It was tough fishing, but I caught probably 20-25 fish on the day I went. *The scenery is unbelievable! *Peaks soaring right above you with wildflowers in abundance! *The trip down on horse back was like living the Remington bronze "Mountain Man" are laid backward on the horse as he takes you back down the steep trail you came up on. *It is a wild ride! *I would not trade having done it for anything, but I would not do it again! *

Tom Miner Creek: *Much like fishing in the Smokies! *Fished it one afternoon, and had a great time. *There are other areas I would recommend first.

Such as, a short trip into Yellowstone Park to the Soda Butte or the Lamar! *Now...that is great! *The Soda Butte is like fishing here, but the fish are really stupid cutthroat! *And it is lovely! *I did not like the Lamar as was good, but I did not like being so close to the buffalo who graze and water right at the section I fished.

There are two famous spring creeks within a short drive also. *DePuy's and Armstrong Spring Creeks. I fished the DePuy's. *It was a humbling experience. *The day I fished was sunny and 20 bwo's where coming off....I had swallows taking my fly, but the fish would just come up and look and go back down.... *Fortunately for my ego... *everyone who fished it that day got skunked! *

I hope you are able to go! *You will never forget it!

Paula *
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