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Default Re: Coming to GSMNP May 20-26


Concerning snakes, I saw one yesterday (5/17) on the Little River toward Elkmont. *I wouldn't worry too much about them, though. *You'll spot them easy enough while fishing if they are swimming. *As far as hiking and such, most paths are clear enough to spot them. *Unless you do some remote hiking, the footpath is in plain view. *I agree with Byron, the yellowjackets are more of a concern for me. *One thing you might want to bring is some "Off" or other bug repellent. *Sometimes the gnats can be mildly frustrating. *Kinda early for them, but I have encountered a few the last couple of weeks. *Sunglasses play a key role in reducing the # that end up swimming around with my eyeball.

Good luck and be sure to stop in at LRO. *They will take good care of you.

PS -- *Don't worry about the rain. *Some of the most productive days for many of us have been in the rain. *Plus, it keeps a lot of people off the streams, which gives you more places to fish.
May you fish more than you wish for.
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