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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight

your concerns are well founded.the problem with stories on fly fishing,that originate and are published in the more artsy-craftsy fishing magazines,is not the article itself.The story conveyed in the article is secondary to the richly colored photos showing a fisherman,poised,ready to cast a fly,in Eden-like surroundings.The imagry is tantalizing if not magnetic.Ultimately,it draws all kinds of folks.Many are non-fisherman,all hope to find the feeling and ambience that a picture cannot provide.Not to mention,the fish causing all the fuss,is usually so small that it would make Ernest Hemingway blush.
For most of the pilgrims,one trip will settle the curiosity about fly-fishing in the Smokies,but,as you say,what will they leave behind?More folks venturing into the park means more trash etc. to be reckoned withSome folks will behave ok, a lot of them won't.Who or What pays for trashy,vandaly,behavior?
It will be the Park that will pay.11 million/year+magazine adventurers make it hard on ecosystems
I have been coming to the Smokies for 30-some years.The streams of the park remain beautiful.The clear cold waters,that hold the Brookies,sound restless and soothing as they empty out of the mountains.The fishing is great,but you have to accept the whole package.The package being,an understanding that you are in an primeival ecosystem.It can be easily destroyed.All who enter its boundries must adopt a concience of natured-respect.
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