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Default Re: orvis rods anyone please?


I'm looking at the Orvis catalog now. I don't see a 10' 6 wt T3. In the TLS line they have a 9' 6" 6 wt with a tip flex action. They also have a 10' 7 Wt but it is also a tip flex. I don't have any experience with either rod. They probably have different rods for the UK and Europe. I know the guy who is in charge of Orvis in the UK but I can't remember his name. He was in our store (LRO) a couple of months ago. They must have an office in England. You could probably ring them there. Also, you can log on to and see what they have to offer but the tackle they sell in Europe may be different. I wish I could help you further. I do think that if your boyfriend likes a 10' rod it could be because he is mending a lot of line and going to a 9' rod may not be a good idea.

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