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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight


Forgive me for saying so, but I'm detecting a fair amount of short-sightedness here. I just don't buy into the argument that a destination piece in a niche-market publication will lead to the kind of doom and gloom I'm reading about on this board; Mainly because Joe "Treble Hook" Spinner will never pick up a copy for a number of socio-economic reasons, and As for the swarms of catch-release variety anglers destined for Greenbrier----Well let's just say I've never had a guide service or outfitter complain about my presence in their place of business (except for one near Nashville that didn't offer a Fair Game.) So who are we blaming here? It's as if we'd be happier having picked up a copy of (let's call the publication: 'American Strangler' so as not to promote another product or service) and read something along the lines of:

" Fishing for Brookies in the GSMNP is the absolute worst activity a human being can engage in. Their populations are said to be tiny if not already extinct, the streams are treacherously steep and loaded with poisonous vipers and sharp rocks. Furthermore, it is reported there are at least 2 Black bears per square mile of the GSMNP; the same species of bears that have killed over 50 people since 1945. This just in: Why risk your life to fish for a species you probably won't catch any way?"

The people that complain about the promotion of a fishing locale are likely the same ones to complain about how idiotic my previous paragraph was. We just can't have it both ways...

Furthermore, I did a quick search of the internet by entering the term " Smoky and mountain and fly and Fishing" and got-back 174,000 results on web sites containing the phrase: Smoky mountain fly fishing, and isn't it Ironic that we're having this discussion via the world wide web using resources provided by LRO? It's funny how that works.

What we're really discussing is the dissemination of information and who has access to it. For instance, give me a TN county and street address, and I can tell you (91.2 % of the time) the Identity of the property owner and how much he or she paid for it. My point is, the information is out there for those who seek it. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I've not yet had the pleasure of gently landing a treasured Brookie but I can (with a little research) get to at least 10 streams in which to fish for them. It's simply a matter of which variety of angler wants to put forth enough time and effort to speculate on smoky mtn brookies.

There's about 12 million different angles <no pun intended> one could take in this debate dealing with any topic from, The affects of fishing pressure on a certain fishery, to the economics of trout fishing, to the affects of destination journalism, to government fishing regulation, to how popular is too popular? Don't get me wrong, I've been known to complain on any number of topics in the past, some of which have been noted in this forum, I'm only human, but for the most part, I try not to feel guilty about having beautiful places in which to go fishing.

In closing I'd like to add that the fisheries division of the TWRA publishes a guide to Brook Trout ......well nevermind, I think I'll just keep that information to myself.

Fish on!
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