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Default Re: Smokies and Brookies in the Spotlight

Rainshaker. I would like to begin with the following: For all the people that know me personally and from this board as well as numerous other boards over the years, I am not shortsighted and definitely not one to hide or not help others out. In fact I used to be the one who freely gave out streams locations as well as other pertinent information. I began however to limit this to pm only and then only to people I felt a certain connection to or who I felt was genuinely interested in the outdoors and the careful enjoyment of such. I began limit my information not becauase I felt that the fishing would deteriorate but because of the enormous amount of garbage on streams. Yes Mr Fowler I have been using a plastic bag in my backpocket to pick up trash on streams since at least five years back. You be amazed how many people look at me like I'm some kind of fool. I pick up trash from everyone and there are much trash coming from fly fishers pocket also. More so in the park than anywhere else due to it being a fly fishing destination of sort. I don't have a problem with sharing the streams and I know we all have a right to fish but I do feel it is not in anyone's interest to see these articles over and over especially on small streams. As for the comment on Greenbrier. I fish Greenbrier about ten to twenty times in a season and I have to say that I see at least one or two fishermen using illegal methods on that stream about every other trip I make. I have even picked up nightcrawler containers on that stream. Again it's not that I fear that they will fish out the stream, it's just that I am SICK AND TIRED OF PICKING UP TRASH ON THESE MOUNTAIN STREAMS.
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